Codentity® Web Store Practices and Policies

This information explains our terms of use.  It describes the practices and policies that Codentity has established concerning transactions to purchase our software or services.  This material is provided as a good faith disclosure, and to assist customers in the period before they buy, and also the period after the sale.

In cases where there may be an obvious (or merely a presumed and potential) discrepancy, contradiction or conflict between practices and policies stated here, and for example, in our applicable EULA (End User License Agreement), the language of the EULA shall prevail.

The same holds true for matters concerning financial transactions.  The language and disclaimers in our secure payments process will take precedence over what might somehow be construed as unclear or conflicting claims or statements here, or elsewhere in our marketing efforts, or on our Web sites.  This stipulation, however, does not mean that a product or service transaction will be eligible in whole or in part for a refund.  (See the Transaction Statement Section B below.)

For example, at this time, unless otherwise stated, the purchase of software product license keys and/or corresponding optical media discs is NOT REFUNDABLE.  Stated differently, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  This policy has been adopted in order to facilitate lower pricing by eliminating the costs associated with refund processing.  Since product license keys are furnished as coded text or numerals, they will function as an "electronic key" when used to activate the program.  Once distributed, these electronic keys cannot be recalled.

Codentity LLC is the developer, publisher, and master distributor of the Music MegaBase® Catalog, the True Blend™ Media Player System, and companion software products.  Our products and services are sold through this Web site.  From time to time, Codentity may feature special offers on EBay®.  Mainstreet Sales is a Codentity authorized reseller for listings on Amazon® Web sites.  Codentity does not have software development, distribution or sales agreements with any other entities.

**SPECIAL LIMITED TIME REFUND OFFER—Currently, the Music MegaBase® Catalog Media Edition (i.e., the "core product") bundle—which includes the True Blend™ Media Player System—is eligible for refund within 30 days subject to the following restrictions:

A) The refund offer with money back policy only applies to the core product and will not apply to shipping and handling fees;

B) Companion products (such as the Keyword Compositor™) are not eligible for refund except when acquired as part of a special offer "bundle";

C) If a request to deactivate the core product on your computer is made by Codentity, you must execute the deactivation, and supply your unique deactivation confirmation number to Codentity;

D) A refund request must be received by Codentity within 30 days of your purchase transaction.

E) The refund request must be from a customer in the U.S.A. who has purchased and registered the product.

F) Refund requests are limited to 1 within any 12-month period.

G) Refunds will only be processed through the original payment mechanism.

H) Your account must be in "good standing" (which means that it cannot be connected with forced deactivations or detected copyright violations).

I) Granted refund does not cancel the user (i.e., customer or registered party) obligation to comply with the terms of the associated EULA (End User License Agreement)

J) At its sole discretion, Codentity may retain a nominal processing fee equivalent to $1.00 U.S. funds (and this circumstance will cause the refund to be slightly less than 100% of the original transaction).

K) This refund offer is subject to cancellation or modification without notice.

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Please understand that the core product—the Music MegaBase® Catalog Media Edition with its integrated True Blend™ Media Player System—is provided in an evaluation (i.e., trial) mode.  Eligible users are free to "try before they buy".  Potential customers are encouraged to view various product demonstrations here.

IMPORTANT: Please download, install, and evaluate the core product (i.e., the Music MegaBase® Catalog Media Edition) before you buy.  You can easily obtain detailed TRIAL instructions here.

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References here to a Codentity product, service, or Codentity software are applicable to the Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) Media Edition, and its associated components and companion products.  (See product list here.)

Product Format Notification

Section A:  Software Product Includes License and Activation Key

  • A Codentity software "product" is the embodiment of a software application (subject to license restrictions and retail distribution functionality limitations).

  • Customers who purchase a Codentity software product acquire a product license and a product activation (i.e., "license") key.

  • The license is offered by Codentity Licensing, and it authorizes users in the U.S.A. to install and operate Codentity software on the licensed computing device, subject to the license terms.

  • The license, and its terms, are incorporated within the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA).

  • Each license is non-exclusive in the sense that Codentity reserves the right to offer license acquisition opportunities to a plurality of customers.

  • The activation key is created by Codentity Services, and it enables instructions in the user's installed instance of Codentity License Manager that configure the license authorization state of the licensed computing device.

  • The activation key consists of an assigned, machine-specific, number and/or character string.

  • Activation keys are created for a specific user and a specific computing device. 

  • Activation keys are not transferable and are not interchangeable.

  • Activation keys, Product IDs, and their equivalent counterparts and tokens, are confidential information supplied to the user as "licensed data" under the terms of the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA).


Section B:  Product Delivered and Retrieved Via Special Web Link

  • Each purchased Codentity software product is provided electronically as a custom-formed activation key which is created on demand for the customer (i.e., "purchaser").

  • The activation key will be incorporated within a message stored on our secure file server, and the customer will first receive a Web link to the message folder, and subsequently retrieve the message from the folder using the assigned customer password.  Alternatively, users may receive a Dropbox link.

  • Activation key retrievals may be logged, and this allows Codentity to verify proof of delivery.

  • Activation key retrieval periods may expire; and by purchasing a product, the customer agrees to retrieve his or her Codentity-supplied activation key in a timely manner.

  • When the valid and corresponding activation key is properly submitted to the UI (user interface) of the software product, the product's evaluation mechanism will process the activation key and grant functionality,

  • Codentity does not reimburse users for Internet access costs.

  • Customers are responsible for downloading (if applicable) and confirming their ability to access the product / service, including retrieving any activation (i.e., "license") key(s) for the product (i.e., application).


Section C:  Trial Software Installation and Activation Requirement

  • After purchase, the user must install and initiate (i.e., activate) the core MMBC product in TRIAL (i.e., evaluation) mode on the designated computing device.

  • Other eligibility restrictions and limitations apply, and those conditions are explained in the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA), and possibly within program messages displayed during the operation of the software product.

  • The software product TRIAL period will end, and its corresponding license will end, after 20 days or 20 uses, whichever occurs first.

  • Continued software product use beyond the TRIAL period will require payment, and acquisition and activation of a Retail license.

Section D:  Purchasing a Retail License Requires Registration

  • Purchase of a Retail license, or any other license, requires registration with Codentity.

  • In order to create the correct activation key(s), Codentity will need the machine-specific data collected by the registration process.

  • By purchasing a Retail license, or any other product associated with the core MMBC product, the customer is promising to supply accurate information in a timely manner.

  • Collected registration information is subject to the Codentity Privacy Policies.

Section E:  Disclosure of Third Party Software Objects

  • The Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) and its companion software products including the True Blend™ Media Player System (MPS), optional titles, and Codentity License Manager, are known collectively as "Codentity Software".

  • Codentity Software is supplied with, or utilizes, ActiveX™ controls from Microsoft Corporation and FMS Inc.

  • ActiveX® controls distributed with Codentity Software are furnished under separate license agreements from Microsoft Corporation and FMS Inc.

  • Codentity Software is powered by, and distributed with, the Microsoft® Access™ 2002 (XP) "runtime" instantiation (i.e., "the Access™ runtime").

  • The Microsoft® Access™ 2002 (XP) "runtime" distributed with Codentity Software is furnished under license from Microsoft Corporation.

Section F:  Free of Viruses, Spyware, and Adware Guarantee

  • Codentity Software (as described above, and as explicitly defined in the applicable EULA) has been developed under the exclusive control of Codentity LLC headquartered in Westmont, IL; and Codentity guarantees that no viruses, spyware or adware have been inserted into our program(s).

  • Codentity Software, as disclosed in the EULA, does require the user to allow the utilization of Access™ "macros"; and Codentity guarantees that no macro created by Codentity can execute malicious instructions.

  • During installation and initiation of the Codentity Software, encrypted data strings that allow Codentity to uniquely identify your installation computer, and possibly your identity, are placed on your computer.  Get details on the Scope of Collected Information on the Codentity Privacy Policies page.

Section G:  Territorial Restrictions

  • Currently, Codentity products and services are ONLY available to customers located in the United States of America ("U.S.A.").

  • The term U.S.A., as applicable to our products and services, refers to the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia.

  • Codentity products are operable exclusively on devices using an English-language / U.S.A. version of supported Microsoft® Windows® 8/8.1, 7 or XP operating systems.

Transaction Statement

Section A:   Secure Payments Mechanism
  • Codentity has contracted with an independent entity to provide and administer a secure payments mechanism. 

  • Codentity does not see or access user financial data including credit card and debit card information.

Section B:  Transaction Payments Are Non-Refundable and Constitute A Non-Cancelable Work Order
  • Unless otherwise stated, all purchases of Codentity software products (i.e., applications) and services are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE.  Codentity will not accept returns.  This policy permits us to reduce expenses and offer products and services at a lower cost.

  • By completing a financial transaction (i.e., "purchase") through our Codentity Web store links or associated payment mechanisms, customers (i.e., "purchasers") are authorizing a non-cancelable electronic "work order".

  • A transaction price includes at least one license fee and one service fee.

  • For each completed product transaction, and after Codentity has verified payment and eligibility, customers are entitled to receive ONE license which is applicable for one computing device.

  • In cases where a customer has purchased a Codentity product defined as a multiple-license product (e.g., "Multi-Pack License"), the customer will be entitled to the number of device licenses specified in the corresponding product description and End User License Agreement (EULA).

  Section C:  Executed Transactions Cause Codentity to Establish a Customer Account
  • Upon receipt and verification of payment, and in reasonable and due course, Codentity will begin the process of establishing a customer-account (in the payer's proffered name).  That process can include, but is not limited to:


a) Collecting the customer-supplied (i.e., transmitted) MMBC TRIAL Software registration data—as retrieved and formatted from the registration computing device by the installation and activation of Codentity License Manager software (included with and embedded within the MMBC Trial installation);

b) Inserting the retrieved data into our proprietary license activation key formula program, and its subsets;

c) Verifying license eligibility (in customer's declared name and jurisdiction where possible);

d) Evaluating customer-supplied registration data by utilizing our proprietary license activation key formula program in order to form (i.e., compute, construct and display) the machine-specific activation key sets (i.e., number or letter strings) that the customer will require to activate the Codentity Software product(s) / service(s) in the appropriate licensed mode(s);

e) Receiving, analyzing, preparing and executing electronic communications—for tasks such as customer notification of unique user name / password combinations (which the customer will need to retrieve messages and activation key sets, among other items, from our secure file server).

  Section D:  Special Offers, Tax Collection, Limited Access and Other Information
  • Special purchase offers that advertise a reduced price will determine the amount of the reduction by calculating a reduction in the associated license fee, and NOT any associated service fee.

  • Codentity reserves the right to treat reduction calculation formulas as confidential information.

  • At the exclusive discretion of Codentity, published, advertised or quoted prices, including special offers, are subject to change without notice.

  • Product and service offers may be modified, reduced, or withdrawn by Codentity without notice.

  • Codentity reserves the right to limit access to, and eligibility for, our products and services, and shall have no requirement to supply cause or evaluation metrics data to any other entity or party.

  • Where applicable, as required by law, sales tax will be added to each transaction.

  • Since the Codentity® LLC is sales office is located in Cook County Illinois, we are required to collect 9.25% sales tax.

  • Further details, including payment options, tax and applicable shipping fees, and payment security, will be presented during the course of a transaction using our secure payment mechanism.

  • Codentity strongly recommends that all users and all customers exercise good faith practices, and fully comply with the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA).

  • Users who will not, or cannot, conform with the EULA terms, should not evaluate or purchase our products or services.

  • Policies described here, and elsewhere on this Web site, are subject to modification by Codentity only.

  • Codentity (i.e., Codentity LLC) reserves the exclusive right to make policy and terms modifications at a time, and in a manner, determined at its sole discretion, and which will be in accordance with applicable laws.


Section E:  Reservation of Rights

  • Except for the rights explicitly granted to users in the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA) for each product (i.e., application) or service, all right, title and interest in the Codentity software products (and associated content and documentation, including intellectual property assets and / or trade names and copyrights) are reserved and retained by Codentity LLC (headquartered in Westmont, IL U.S.A.), or when applicable, its licensors.  This includes all rights—past, present, and future.

  • As an example, certain Codentity trade names or trademarks are exclusively licensed to Codentity.  These trade names and trademarks are used with the permission of the owner.

  • Individuals or entities (including evaluation users, customers, and all other users) do not acquire any ownership rights in the Codentity software products (i.e., applications) as a result of downloading, installing, and using Codentity Software; and purchasing a Codentity product license or service confers no ownership rights whatsoever.

  • With respect to third-party software which may be distributed with Codentity Software, all right, title and interest in the third-party software, and related trade names and documentation, are reserved and retained by their respective providers, publishers and rights holders.

  • The restrictions and user rights for any Codentity Software product will be set forth in its associated End User License Agreement (EULA).

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 WARNING:   Codentity Software is protected by United States copyright law, and it may also be protected by pending patent applications in the United States.

Additionally, as clearly disclosed in the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA), Codentity software is protected by its native license monitoring technology, Codentity License Manager (CLM).  Users who violate EULA terms, as determined by CLM, or other reasonable methods, are subject to license suspension or termination without compensation.

Detection and/or determination of unauthorized user activities executed in (or applied to) our MMBC software, may cause the MMBC software to be programmatically deactivated (i.e., disabled).  A deactivation event cannot be reversed, and will cause loss of data stored in the deactivated MMBC software.

See Codentity trademark information here.