Codentity® Privacy Policies

This information explains, in general terms, the privacy policies and practices that Codentity has established concerning information collected by the customer registration requirement and/or transactions to purchase our software or services.  This material is provided as a good faith disclosure, and to assist customers in the period before they buy, and also the period after the sale.

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Customer Registration and Financial Data

Section A:  Scope of Collected Information

  • During installation and initiation of the MMBC TRIAL software, encrypted data strings that allow Codentity to uniquely identify your installation computer are placed on your computer.

  • Depending on factors such as the Codentity-supplied Product Key, the computer's OS (operating system), and other variables, the type of "diagnostic data" information used to identify the installation computer may include:

    a) the name, build number and installation date of the Windows® operating system; b) the installation date of Codentity® software; c) the device name; d) a description of the computer's physical properties (such as hard disk size, installed memory, etc.); and e) Codentity License Manager (CLM) encryption strings.

  • These encrypted data strings, which are created by the Codentity License Manager (CLM) program, also reveal to Codentity your declared name (as submitted to the Windows® operating system).

  • In some cases, the encrypted data strings may also be used to uniquely identify Codentity software distribution files; and this identification could be used to demonstrate a "chain of custody" in connection with specific users.

  • Financial data (beyond the customer name, and amount and date of transactions, and corresponding transaction number) is not revealed to, or collected by, Codentity.

  • Email communications between Codentity and other parties will be stored on Codentity owned or operated computers or networks within the U.S.A.

  • Codentity Email communications, and file / program storage services, will be delivered by third party companies, and those entities may operate computers or networks that function inside the U.S.A., and outside the U.S.A.


Section B:  How Collected Information Is Handled

  • Codentity License Manager (CLM) retains its diagnostic data within the CLM software structures on each computing device.

  • Diagnostic data is not transmitted to Codentity unless the user chooses to share the information with Codentity for purposes of registration, license eligibility verification, license upgrade implementation, technical troubleshooting, or operational guidance.

  • Except as disclosed below, Codentity will not share customer information, including diagnostic data, with any other party or entity.

  • With regard to customer-supplied or Software-retrieved Licensed User information and/or corresponding device diagnostic data, Codentity reserves the right to co-operate with law enforcement agencies of competent jurisdiction. This includes potential allegations of, or investigations into, copyright infringement and software piracy.

  • Sensitive financial information concerning a customer's payment instrument (e.g., credit or debit card) is exclusively collected and administered by the payment service; and is subject to the security and privacy policies of that entity.

  • Because Codentity Email communication computers or networks might be subject to illegal attacks by known or unknown parties, Codentity will take reasonable precautions (as determined exclusively in our judgment) to prevent unauthorized access to our data.

  • Third party Email communications providers, and file / program storage services, may have access to message content, and Codentity cannot control the security and privacy policies of such providers.


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 WARNING:   Codentity software is protected by United States copyright law, and it may also be protected by pending patent applications in the United States.

Additionally, as clearly disclosed in the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA), Codentity software is protected by its native license monitoring technology, Codentity License Manager (CLM).  Users who violate EULA terms, as determined by CLM, or other reasonable methods, are subject to license suspension or termination without compensation.

Detection and/or determination of unauthorized user activities executed in (or applied to) our MMBC software, may cause the MMBC software to be programmatically deactivated (i.e., disabled).  A deactivation event cannot be reversed, and will cause loss of data stored in the deactivated MMBC software.

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