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Since 1985, Paul McManus Recording (PMR) has specialized in the restoration and mastering of vintage recordings.  With the in-house capability to reproduce original multi-format session tapes and conduct direct to digital restoration, sweetening, mixing and mastering, PMR will bring new-life to your treasured recordings!

"Member of AES® and NARAS®"

From his San Diego project studio—where he mixes the best of the old school analog equipment (Ampex® three and four tracks) with today's latest generation digital equipment (Tascam®, Sony® and Fostex® multi-track digital mastering)—Paul McManus can be your sound engineering guide to the best of both worlds.

If you require "on location" sound recording, Paul McManus Recording has the experience and top grade equipment to faithfully capture every nuance of your finest work.

PMR is also an authorized service center for Teac®, Tascam®, Rane®, Studer® and other leading manufacturers.  Paul McManus Recording has the experience to do the job right.  Contact Paul at (619) 223-1730.

PMR Services include:


Paul McManus Recording has hundreds of credits—from live recording to album and CD mastering.  PMR has created and remastered compact discs in all genres—Rock, Country, Classical, Pop, Bluegrass, Spoken Word and many more.  Please contact Paul McManus Recording for additional information at (619) 223-1730.

  • J.J. Cale


  • Marina Dorell

  • Sunchild


  • Christine Lakeland

  • Sonny George


  • New Mexico State Dept. of Aviation

  • John Hammond


  • Murray Arnold

  • Sea World


  • More…


Read more about Paul's recording adventures with J. J. Cale in the March 2002 issue of Mix Magazine.  Check out the story here:

Paul McManus Recording has the experience to do the job right.  Contact Paul at (619) 223-1730.

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