The Era of Mixing Perfection Has Arrived

Imagine a bold new AUDIO MIXING design that delivers no compromises gapless playback transitions, in automatic and manual modes, while also providing an unprecedented level of SEARCH POWER—plus advanced PLAYLIST CONTROL.  The wait is over.  You no longer have to imagine mixing perfection.  It is REAL—and it has been developed to work magic on your Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP computer.  Jump to Codentity Web Store.

True Blend™ MPS is perfect for mobile DJs, audio operators, and home entertainment users.  You can experience smooth gapless overlapping transitions—instead of the unnatural cross fades typically heard in most other digital music mixing products.  Now you can replace the old school misery of annoying cross fade penalties—like premature fade outs and gradual fade ins—with a revolutionary audio mixing achievement: patent-pending True Blend™ technology!

And gapless playback with True Blend does not involve individual file preparation or registry value manipulation.  Other automix DJ software products require one or more file modification techniques such as re-encoding, editing, or setting individual fade cues.

MMBC Series products are available for purchase NOW.  If you want to start off with a "test-drive" on your computer, you can try the Music MegaBase® Catalog Media Edition with integrated True Blend™ Media Player System—for FREE.  Go to the DOWNLOAD page.

See Cross Fade vs. True Blend™ below.  Read about The Case for True Blend™ vs. Other Products, and dig deeper with an explanation of the True Blend™ system's unique capabilities.  Get a look at sample user scenarios here.  View screen shots.  Go the the MMBC FAQ page.

 Point of Distinction:   With the release of the Music MegaBase® Catalog Media Edition, for the first time ever, an automatic media player timing and transition system is directly integrated with a hit-music reference database.  This makes music selection, and overlapping playback, easy for mobile DJs and home audio enthusiasts.

(Learn more about catalog power below.  Read about The Case for True Blend™ vs. Other Products.)

Without user intervention, True Blend™ executes optimally-timed overlapping transitions between two discrete and concurrent music tracks (each playing in its OWN player).  Track duration, volume levels, fade windows, fade slopes, and visual screen cues are all automatically controlled with the push of a single button.  And all the benefits of automatic transitions (Auto Play) are also available for manual transitions, so 'live' events operators can move music flow forward or backward without gaps, clips, dips, or forced fade outs and fade ins.

Plus, if desired, users can also specify and save precise track durations to within a tolerance of 1/4 second.  True Blend™ automation seamlessly integrates the convergence of calculated durations with specified durations—and it also includes a preview mode that plays a user-configurable sample section.  True Blend™ technology works with WMA, WAV and MP3 file formats.  (See technical details below.)  Get an overview of the True Blend™ Media Player System here—including example transition scenarios.

The True Blend™ Media Player System (MPS) is only licensed as part of the Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) Media Edition.  License restrictions apply.  The MMBC is available in the U.S.A. only.  (Read more requirements below.)  Still unsure?  See our Why Buy page.

 FYI:   The following screen shot was captured at a 4:3 aspect ratio in a resolution of 1024768.*  The MMBC also supports 1280x1024 (aspect ratio 4:3) and widescreen 1366x768 (aspect ratio 16:10).  *For Netbook users, 1024x600 resolution is also accommodated.

Screen shot of True Blend™ MPS shows a music track in Player 2 concluding.  (Player 1 is hidden behind Player 2.)

Observe that both the elapsed duration time meter, and the playing Next track banner, have changed to a bright yellow color.  This FlowCue™ event alerts the user that the automation  will start the next track in Player 1 within 15 seconds.

The Search by Decade combo box is visible as the user browses available tracks.  During a 'live' PLAY event, the user can search by categories, locate a track, and place it on the playlist—with one-button click.

The True Blend™ Media Player System (MPS) includes a pair of integrated media players capable of effortless transitions in manual ('live' events) or automatic (unattended) mode—commonly referred to as "auto play".  True Blend™ technology can distinguish between songs that end with a FADE, and songs that end COLD (abruptly).  This all but eliminates the problems heard in competing products that often must fade a cold end music track early—in order to attempt a gapless transition.

Compare the True Blend™ MPS "mixing experience" with other products, here.  Go the the MMBC FAQ page.

The Music MegaBase® Catalog Media Edition, with the True Blend™ Media Player System, is furnished with 5 levels of built-in program HELP—including context sensitive messages that appear as needed to offer guidance, problem resolution, and situation examples.  In fact, new users can begin with enhanced help activated, and later uncheck one box to switch to briefer help mentoring with minimal intrusion.

The MMBC's intuitively designed point and click interface is easy to learn, and any user with basic Windows® program experience can be up and running after reading Getting Started Help and Checklist Help.*  Note— MMBC help is installed with the program and no Internet connection is needed to access help topics.

*The Music MegaBase® Catalog ships with 15 well-crafted HELP topics, accessible from hyperlinks, click buttons, and the master UDS Manager Help Directory.  Licensed users can also download a 32-page program overview manual which is available in Adobe® PDF format.

About the Catalog

Codentity® LLC is the developer, publisher, and exclusive licensor and distributor of the Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) Media Edition.  The MMBC is a hit-music reference database containing listings for more than 4,000 of the most popular "radio play" hits of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.  There are some entries covering the years 2000 through 2010, but this period is not well-represented.

Users, of course, have the option of adding NEW "records".  In the MMBC, a record is the term used to refer to a single UNIQUE Title / Artist combination—plus its related information.  Examples of related information include attributes for Tempo, Decade of release, Music Type, BPM, Dance Rating, gender of lead vocalist, and so on.

In the Music MegaBase® Catalog, there are approximately 25 parent music genre categories such as Top40, Rock, Disco, Soul, etc., and more than 50 child (i.e., sub genre) categories—including Motown, Funk, Folk, LP track, and so on.  This parent / child music genre classification technique works hand-in-hand with filters and keyword searches to provide a degree of search precision power not available in other music mixing products.

For example, most other digital DJ / music products implement search via a series of "folder sort" / "thumb scroll" techniques.  The user looks for a certain folder containing his target track, such as the ROCK folder, and then browses a list of all tracks in that folder—sorted alphabetically by TITLE.  If there are several hundred tracks in the folder, this can be a frustrating and inefficient search method.  And, if the user wants to play another track from that folder, the process begins again—usually from scratch.

By contrast, in the MMBC, a user clicks a Search by Category button, such as Search by Artist, or Search by Decade, and begins typing the target key text.  For example, to find a classic Elton John track, click the Search by Artist button, start typing "Elton"; after the first two or three letters are input, "Elton John" will appear in the search box.  Click to select.  Click to add to playlist.  Then, if desired, press the Match Artist button, and instantly see EVERY Elton John track in the catalog.  And with the True Blend™ MPS installed, if you can see the track, you can PLAY the track—in seconds.  Simply click Add To ATL button to place the track on the dynamic playlist, the ATL (Assigned Track List).


The MMBC leverages the power of cross-indexing and filtering.  For example, view all tracks grouped by SOUL Music Type, then accept one-click to instantly apply a Music Code sub genre filter that shows all SOUL tracks also sub classified as MOTOWN tracks.  The MMBC brings the power of suggestion to song search, and this makes music flow selection effortless!  See an excerpt of a catalog music list here.

The catalog also includes a broad range of search, export and print tools which are helpful for organizing, and then sharing, information about your music collection.  For example, mobile DJ operators may want to use a keyword search to assemble a list of all their hit music tracks sorted by decade, or artist, or music genre; and then export that list to a word processor.  From there, the list can be re-purposed for Web site content in order to inform potential customers of available music selections.*

The Catalog-ATL-Mix graphic (at right), illustrates WHY playlist management in the True Blend™ MPS is different.  Other digital media players store their playlist tracks IN an active player.  But with True Blend™ technology**, the ATL (Assigned Track List) is a dynamic playlist maintained in a separate space—OUTSIDE any media player.  The catalog feeds the ATL, and the ATL feeds the player mix engine.  This design allows playlist manipulation features not possible in other products.

Learn more about the search power of the catalog system here.  Compare the True Blend™ MPS "mixing experience" with other products, here.  Discover an advanced Codentity music search initiative here.

*ATTENTION: "Mix responsibly"—do not use audio files obtained from unlicensed sources.

Catalog Set-Up for Your Music Files

The True Blend™ Media Player System requires users to insert hyperlinks to WMA, WAV and MP3 digital media files on their computer.  The hyperlinks are saved in the catalog system and they correspond directly with TITLES (and their associated artists) present* in the Music MegaBase® Catalog.

*The MMBC includes approximately 4,000 entries for hit-music recordings made popular from the years 1950 through 2000.  If a particular song you want to use in the True Blend™ MPS is NOT in the catalog, you must enter its minimum data information as a new "record" (i.e., title / Artist combination) BEFORE you can connect a hyperlink.  Minimum data includes; Title, Artist, Music Type (genre), Decade of release, and AFC (Audio File Content).

In cases where a particular detail, such as the decade of release is not known, the user must submit a "best guess".  They most common AFC values is "HMT"—designating hit-music track.  The program includes an assortment of special forms to speed data entry and management.  It also includes special tools for hyperlink insertion and validation testing,  Read Basics Help, Media Assets Help, or Player Assets Help, provided with the program, to learn more.

The audio hyperlinks must connect with files on a drive NOT labeled "C".  Master music folders should be organized and stored on drive "D" (or successive drives, such as E, F, G, and so on.).  A flash media storage drive, such as a 16 GB USB drive, is strongly recommended for the location of the designated master music folder.  Get complete guidance within the program by reading Modify Assigned Drive Letter Help.  See a detailed explanation of requirements and restrictions here.

In testing, Codentity was able to confirm that, with a well-organized music folder structure, it takes about 3 hours for the one-time set-up* insertion of 1,000 hyperlinks (when the song titles are already present in the catalog database).

 FYI:   *The investment required to set-up your hyperlinks ONE time, pays off every time you use the MMBC with its True Blend™ MPS.  This is true because the direct association between a catalog title and its stored hyperlink is what enables the amazing SEARCH flexibility, and one-click FILTER capability, of Microsoft® Access™—the program that powers the Music MegaBase® Catalog.   In fact, the search and filter capabilities in the MMBC are many times more efficient than other search methods (such as simple folder sort then browse, or "thumb scroll").

 TIP:  Because the Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) with its True Blend™ Media Player System (MPS) will be available as a FREE trial download, users will have an opportunity to TEST the software with their typical music files—before purchasing a MMBC / MPS license.

Recommended video resolutions include 1024x768 and 1280x1024 in standard 4:3 aspect ratio*; plus 1200x800, 1360x768 and 1366x768 in widescreen 16:10 aspect ratio.  256 MB of video memory is suggested.  *For Netbook users, 1024x600 resolution is also accommodated.  Read more about software and hardware requirements.

 IMPORTANT:   Codentity software is licensed, not sold.  License restrictions include purchase and registration requirements.  A full recitation of restrictions and user rights will be included in the product's corresponding EULA (End User License Agreement) at the time of program publication.

The information presented here is subject to modification without notice.  Additional information, including various product price offers, will be posted in the coming weeks.  Send inquiries to  Return to Codentity HOME page.

Compare the True Blend™ MPS "mixing experience" with other products, here.

**True Blend™ technology may be the subject of patent applications in the U.S. or other countries.  To learn more, send a message to

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