About Codentity Product Keys

Customers who purchase a Codentity software "product" receive a product license and a product activation key (i.e., a unique and customer-specific number and / or character string). The license authorizes users in the U.S.A. to install and operate Codentity software on the licensed computing device, and it is created by Codentity Licensing. The activation key enables instructions that Codentity License Manager uses to configure the licensed computing device, and it is created by Codentity Services.

Each purchased Codentity software product is provided as a custom-formed activation key which is created for the user's computer by Codentity Services.  The activation key may have a corresponding confirmation code.  Each activation key / confirmation code set may consist of numbers, letters, or a combination of numbers and letters.

Each activation key (and its counterpart) is created for a specific user and a specific computer owned or operated by that specific user.  The keys are non-transferable and are not interchangeable.

See the User Activation Key Scenarios section below.  Get detailed instructions and learn How To Use Your Activated Copy of MMBC Software on a Second Computer with a Value Key Activation here.

Product Delivered Via Special Web Link

The product activation key, and confirmation code if applicable, will be delivered via a Web access link transmitted to the customer's registered email address.  The customer will receive his or her access link with a corresponding password.  This will permit the customer to retrieve the notification file that contains a unique product activation key—which will only work on their computer.  Activation key retrievals are logged, and this allows Codentity to verify proof of delivery.

With the activation key in hand, follow instructions presented in a step-procedure within Codentity License Manager (CLM).  For example, with the MMBC TRIAL software installed, open Codentity License Manager from the MMBC Action Center home page.  On the CLM Status tab, click the Apply Retail Key button.

To activate your RETAIL license, use your unique Confirmation Code first.  If the correct Confirmation Code is entered, a dialog box will open requesting that you RE-ENTER the same Confirmation Code.  Finally, enter your unique Activation Key.  If the Confirm Activation button is visible, click it to allow Codentity License Manager to close the MMBC.  When you re-open the program, it will be ready to go in RETAIL mode.

EULA Restrictions On Licensed Data Including Activation Keys

The Codentity EULA (End User License Agreement) includes terms which place restrictions on the dissemination or public disclosure of software Product IDs, Product Keys, license activation keys and confirmation codes (or their counterparts such as C-Phrase, VSID, VKT, RDT, or DDT character strings).  The activation keys and confirmation codes are produced by Codentity (or the Codentity License Manager software), are licensed to the user (i.e., Licensed User), are supplied to the user as licensed data under the terms of the EULA, and remain the exclusive intellectual property of Codentity.   See section 4.5 in the EULA for complete terms.

User Activation Key Scenarios

Scenario A:  Downloading and Installing Trial Software, Then Applying a Retail Activation Key

  1. User "Jim Smith" downloads and then installs the Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) Media Edition TRIAL (i.e., evaluation) software on his Windows® 7 device, "Computer A".  Computer A happens to be a home-theatre PC connected to his entertainment system.

  2. Jim uses the Codentity-supplied Product Key to initiate (i.e., set-up) the MMBC in TRIAL mode.

  3. After test driving the software, Jim purchases a MMBC RETAIL license with activation key set at the Codentity Web store.

  4. Next, Jim registers Computer A with Codentity using the special registration form in Codentity License Manager (CLM).  The CLM registration form retrieves and formats the user-specific and machine-specific data that Codentity Services will use to create Jim's activation key set.

  5. After payment verification, Codentity creates Jim's RETAIL activation key set.  Then Codentity transmits (to Jim's email address) a Web link and password to a secure folder that contains Jim's Computer A activation key set.

  6. Jim accesses the Web folder, retrieves his activation key, and uses it to activate the already installed MMBC software in RETAIL mode on Computer A.


Scenario B:  Purchasing and Applying an Optional Product Activation Key

  1. User "Jim Smith" purchases a license and activation key for the optional ATL Image Manager™ at the Codentity Web store.

  2. Since the MMBC installs with the ATL Image Manager™ present, but disabled, there is no need to install additional Codentity software on Computer A; instead Jim retrieves his Codentity-supplied ATL Image Manager™ activation key from a secure Web folder.

  3. Jim uses it to activate the already present ATL Image Manager™ on Computer A.


Scenario C:  Purchasing and Applying a Value Key Activation

  1. Approximately 30 days after successful activation of his MMBC RETAIL key, user "Jim Smith" requests and receives his RETAIL-RENEW activation key from Codentity.  (Since Jim's MMBC license is valid, Codentity approves transmission of a link to a secure Web folder containing Jim's unique, and FREE, "Computer A" RETAIL-RENEW key, and sends Jim the access password.)

  2. In order to remove the provisional restrictions of the RETAIL mode license, Jim applies the RETAIL-RENEW activation key on Computer A.

  3. Jim has "personalized" his Computer A installation of the MMBC.  He has inserted hyperlinks to corresponding audio files on his D drive; he has entered new Titles and Artists in the MMBC database; he has created named sets on the Player Assets form; and he has created a collection of dynamic playlists—using the ATL Image Manager™.

  4.  Since Jim generates extra money several times per year from his sideline mobile DJ business, he intends to use his Windows® XP laptop PC as his music server and mixing device—connected to his portable speaker system. Jim wants to COPY his personalized MMBC "MDE" file to his laptop PC, "Computer B".

  5. Jim purchases a Value Key Activation™ from the Codentity Web store because it will permit him to COPY and then operate his MMBC "MDE" file on a second computer—in this case his laptop, Computer B.

  6. After Codentity verifies payment, and the validity of his MMBC RETAIL-RENEW license, a link to a secure Web folder containing Jim's unique activation key is transmitted to Jim's registered user email address.

  7. Jim logs in to the secure Web folder and retrieves his Value Key Activation™ notification which includes an activation key that will allow him to use the Computer A "MDE" file on Computer B.

  8. Using the Apply Value Key button in Codentity License Manager, Jim activates the MMBC on Computer B.  Jim's personalized (i.e., customized) MMBC software with True Blend™ Media Player System installation from Computer A (his Windows® 7 PC) is now available on Computer B (his Windows® XP PC).  His optional activation of the ATL Image Manager™ originally from Computer A is also available on Computer B.

NOTE:  Even though Jim originally installed the Windows® 7 MMBC distribution package on Computer A, it will work fine as a Value Key Activation™ on Computer B—a Windows® XP device.  The TB (i.e., True Blend™) icon path is different for Windows® XP, so the MMBC may substitute a generic icon.  A "Scenario C" outcome is described in DETAIL in the next section.

Get detailed instructions and learn How To Use Your Activated Copy of MMBC Software on a Second Computer with a Value Key Activation here.

The Benefits of Acquiring a Value Key Activation™

Acquiring a Value Key Activation™ allows the user to install and activate the MMBC and its companion products on a second computing device at a sharply reduced price (when compared with the cost of purchasing individual licenses).  And, with a Value Key Activation™, the user only has to "personalize" (i.e., setup hyperlinks, add new catalog data, create set names, etc.) for the MMBC one time; thereafter, the customized MMBC program file can be used on a second machine without wasting time on duplication of efforts.

NOTICE:  The Value Key Activation™ product requires authenticated purchase and valid "retail / renew" license for the corresponding MMBC product on a first computer.  Offer of a Value Key Activation license at a reduced prices is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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