How To Use Your Activated Copy of MMBC Software on a Second Computer

This information explains how a user must first install MMBC Trial software on a Windows® computer, and then purchase a Retail license for that computer before copying the MMBC software to a second computer.  Read about the benefits of acquiring a Value Key Activation™.  Try free here, and BUY here.

Section A:  Installing MMBC Trial Software on the Primary Computer

  1. The user first installs the MMBC in TRIAL mode and, when ready, purchases a MMBC RETAIL license for his first (primary) computer—perhaps a desktop PC at home or in an office. With his Retail license transaction complete, the user clicks the Register Now button in Codentity License Manager, and sends his registration form data to Codentity.

  2. With the user-supplied registration data on our servers, and upon verification of payment, Codentity produces the customer's UNIQUE Retail activation key / confirmation code set; and sends the customer a Web link where he can retrieve his Retail activation key.

  3. With his Retail activation / confirmation code set in hand, the user clicks the Apply Retail Key button in Codentity License Manager—and enters the special key / code.  Retail mode is activated, and the user operates his primary computer—with the MMBC Retail license.


Section B:  When the Retail-Renew License Window Opens

  1. 30 days following the application of the Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) Retail key, the so-called "RETAIL-RENEW" window opens.  Codentity License Manager (CLM) reminds the user that he should request a RETAIL-RENEW key—and that it is FREE of charge to users with a valid RETAIL license.  Customers who successfully apply a Retail-Renew key on or after Day 30, and before Day 40, will experience no interruption of product functionality.

    Note:  A MMBC Retail license is "provisional" and it requires periodic "renewal".  If a user has NOT retrieved and applied his FREE Retail-Renew activation key by Day 40, as measured from the date of original Retail key activation, Codentity License Manager will LOCK the MMBC—and prevent core functionality.  However, as soon as a valid Retail-Renew key is applied, CLM will re-activate the MMBC on its authorized computer.

      CAUTION:    Users are reminded not to attempt to manipulate license periods by moving back the computer's SYSTEM DATE, or by advancing the system date.  This activity is a violation of the EULA (End User License Agreement) and can be detected by Codentity License Manager (CLM).  Repeated violations can cause CLM to suspend or revoke your MMBC license.

  2. On or after Day 30 (but recommended before Day 40), the user retrieves his RETAIL-RENEW activation key / confirmation code set using his Codentity-supplied Web link and password, and then uses the information to activate the MMBC in RETAIL-RENEW mode on his primary computer.


Section C:  Preparing a Second Computer for Use with an Activated and Then Copied MMBC Program File

  1. Since the user has already "personalized" the MMBC on his primary computer (by inserting hyperlinks to audio files or choosing to add optional products like the ATL Image Manager™), he plans to COPY the personalized MMBC file (his "mde" file) to a second computer (such as a laptop or Netbook device).

    Note:  The example scenario, as it continues below, assumes you have saved a COPY of your MMBC distribution package DOWNLOAD folder; and that your saved copy was in the same state as when you originally downloaded it:  Still "blocked", and still "zipped" (i.e., compressed).

  2. First, the user "installs"—but does NOT initiate* (i.e., activate)—MMBC TRIAL software on a second computer.  The MMBC installation package must be run in order to prepare the secondary computer for use with the MMBC.

      In the world of MMBC lingo, "initiate" refers to the process of enabling the first-run of MMBC TRIAL software on a computer; it generally begins with entry of a "Product Key".  But since the user will be copying an already initiated MMBC program file to a different computer (e.g., a 'second" computer), and then paying a license / service fee to authorize and activate the MMBC program file on a second computer, the initiation step is not needed in the case of a Value Key Activation™.

    For reasons just explained in the note above, we have this circumstance:  Since the user intends to COPY his already activated RETAIL-RENEW license MMBC program file (the "mde" file) from his primary computer to the secondary computer, there is no need to "initiate" the MMBC TRIAL software on the secondary PC.

    In other words, on the "second" computer, just perform the basic MMBC TRIAL software installation by STARTING with
    Step 8 (as described on page 5 of the README file PDF documentation).

    TIP:  For download, installation and initiation (i.e., set-up) instructions, consult the operating system-specific READ FIRST and README files—available in PDF format.  These files are located in the Read Docs folder of your distribution package.

    After you have successfully Unblocked and Extracted the MMBC distribution package folder on your secondary PC, continue with installation.  Make sure to double-click the "setup.exe" file as described in Step 17, and illustrated in Fig. 14, of the README file PDF documentation.

    In most cases, you will END installation for MMBC TRIAL software (when preparing for Value Key Activation™ on a secondary computer) by completing Step 23 as described in the README file PDF documentation.

    The MMBC TRIAL software installation on the secondary computer can be performed using the same MMBC TRIAL software used to install the product on the primary computer—IF THE SECONDARY COMPUTER IS CONFIGURED WITH THE SAME OPERATING SYSTEM.

    Note: In cases where the primary computer (for example, a desktop device) happens to be a Windows® XP 32-bit computer, and the secondary computer (for example, a laptop) is a Windows® 7 64-bit operating system device, the user will want to REQUEST and then obtain a "download" of the MMBC Trial software intended for use with the secondary computer.

Section D:  Copying Your Activated and Customized MMBC Program File to a Second Computer

  1. With the appropriate MMBC TRIAL software package installed on his second computer, the user COPIES his personalized MMBC program file (the "mde") to the correct MMBC folder path** on his second computer; and then creates or adapts a new MMBC SHORTCUT to open the copied MDE file on that second computer.  (See Step 22 on page 14 of the README file PDF documentation for instructions on HOW to create A MMBC shortcut).

    **For Windows® 7 64-bit computers the default path for placement of the MMBC program file (i.e., your personalized "mde") is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Codentity\MMBC

    **For Windows® XP 32-bit computers the default path for placement of the MMBC program file (i.e., your personalized "mde") is:
    C:\Program Files\Codentity\MMBC

    Note:  Users with the 32-bit Windows® 7 operating system installed on their computer will utilize the SAME folder path cited above for 32-bit Windows® XP users.

Section E:  Creating a Value Key Token on the Second Computer

  1. Next, the user clicks the newly-created MMBC SHORTCUT intended to open his personalized copy of the MMBC on the secondary PC—a 64-bit Windows® 7 laptop in this example.

    Will the SHORTCUT work?  A) If the user has properly installed the MMBC (stopping short of initiating the MMBC) on the second computer, and B) if the user has copied his personalized / activated MMBC program file (the "mde") from the first computer to CORRECT folder path on the second computer, and C) if the new MMBC SHORTCUT was properly created: the MMBC will OPEN to the MMBC AC (Action Center) Home Page.

  2. Codentity License Manager will recognize that the MMBC program file (the "mde"), copied from the primary computer in this scenario, is NOT authorized for use on the secondary computer.  MMBC core functionality will be unavailable—and task activation buttons (such as Player Assets and UDS Manager) will be disabled.  Still referring to the second computer, the user will next be directed to open Codentity License Manager.  (See Step 29 on page 24 of the README documentation and view its companion illustration—Fig. 25.)

  3. From the Codentity License Manager (CLM) page on the second computer, the user moves to the Status tab and clicks the Purchase Value Key button to create a Value Key Token (VKT) on the second computer.  Follow instructions, and choose to create a VKT.

Section F:  Supplying the Value Key Token to Codentity and Purchasing a Value Key Activation™ License

  1. The user transmits the Value Key Token (VKT) to Codentity (following instructions provided by Codentity License Manager).  Then the user purchases a Value Key Activation™ license.  (Proof of prior MMBC product purchase, and other information needed to verify eligibility for the Value Key Activation license, may be required before a Value Key Activation transaction is approved or authenticated.)

  2. After license verification and payment processing, Codentity emails a Value Key Confirmation Code (VKCC), and a Value Key Activation Code (VKAC), to the registered user.

Section G:  Applying the Value Key Activation™ Key

  1. From the Codentity License Manager (CLM) Status tab on the second computer (the computer used to generate the submitted Value Key Token), the user clicks the Apply Value Key button, and enters the Codentity-supplied machine-specific Value Key Confirmation Code (VKCC) in the appropriate dialog box.

  2. If the VKCC is determined to be correct (i.e., it matches the UNIQUE code generated by Codentity, and required by your embedded installation of Codentity License Manager), the user next submits the Codentity-supplied machine-specific Value Key Activation Code (VKAC) in the appropriate dialog box. If the second code, the VKAC, is correct, the MMBC and ALL its activated optional products will be enabled on the second computer.

The Benefits of Acquiring a Value Key Activation

Acquiring a Value Key Activation™ allows the user to install and activate the MMBC and its companion products on a second computing device at a sharply reduced price (when compared with the cost of purchasing individual licenses).  And, with a Value Key Activation™, the user only has to "personalize" (i.e., setup hyperlinks, add new catalog data, create set names, etc.) for the MMBC one time; thereafter, the customized MMBC program file can be used on a second machine without wasting time on duplication of efforts.

NOTICE:  The Value Key Activation™ product requires authenticated purchase and valid "retail / renew" license for the corresponding MMBC product on a first computer.  Offer of a Value Key Activation license at a reduced prices is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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