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Are you looking for a mobile music DJ who will be courteous, reliable, and right on target with the HIT MUSIC for your next big dance event?  A DJ who knows WHAT to play, and WHEN to play it?  And—what to say and when to say it?

LOOK NO FURTHERParty Hits DJs play motivational music sets, and they use a professional-grade sound system—in conjunction with special music selection software—to serve up the hit-music that will bring your event to life!

Holiday Events Does your holiday event require a DJ used to pleasing multi-cultural audiences?  A DJ who can play Latin music, soul jams, current dance hits, rock classics, pop standards, retro hits, Motown, and even a touch of country when the time is right?  A DJ who has the common sense to play a few slow songs—as well as the high-energy hits that get half the room dancing?  Party Hits DJs are ready now.  Get prices or call to learn more: 630-487-0934.  [Jump to features and cost links.]

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Winning Combination Your holiday or New Year's Eve party, class reunion, wedding reception, corporate event, or fashion show will be off to a great start with our crew on the job.  We can make that claim because we combine a better music mix and a professional-grade sound system, with reliable, experienced DJs.  This gives you the critical elements for success.

Customer-Service — Party Hits DJs are customer-service oriented, and understand that they are hired to make sure YOU and your GUESTS have an enjoyable music experience.  They will arrive on-time* and suitably dressed for your special occasion.  Our DJs are also careful not to play too loud, but can be ready to "crank it up" when appropriate.  For larger events, with multiple speaker pairs, different levels can be assigned to various parts of the ballroom.  This allows guests to converse in one area, yet "party to the beat" closer to the stage.

So, whether your Party Hits DJ will be the music master and M.C. for a company event, wedding reception, or private party—we recognize that you have a lot riding on your choice of DJ service.  We are dedicated to doing an excellent job.

* We instruct our DJs to arrive at least 1-hour before the scheduled DJ show; but the set-up crew will arrive from 90 minutes to 2 hours ahead of the scheduled music "play time".


Engagement — Party Hits DJs know how to ENGAGE your audience and stimulate their dance-floor participation.  And they can act as M.C. (master of ceremonies) to handle important announcements, introductory statements, and inject friendly prompts (e.g., "dinner is served").

The Music — Party Hits DJs bring a comprehensive music collection spanning 6 decades of favorites—from the hits of today back to the best of the 1990s and 1980s, and the classic hits of the 1970s, '60s, and '50s!  Party Hits DJs work with clients ahead of time to build an approved playlist, and then, during the show, they can call up that playlist, and start its music, in as fast as 5 seconds.

Our computerized music software delivers SEARCH results that are unmatched by any other DJ system.  For example, We can find a song by a popular artist, click one match-filter button, and then see EVERY song by that SAME artist—instantly.

This works for MUSIC TYPE, TEMPO, ENERGY RATING, and DECADE (era) too.  And when we see it, we can PLAY it, in less than 1 second!  That's HOW we can maintain the "party vibe" without missing a beat.  See some sample music lists here.

Just to be clear:  We play all kinds of music.  You can pre-select the mix, or let us choose it based on your declared tastes.  We can include (or exclude) many genres: Disco, Reggae, Jazzy Stuff, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Country, Soul, R&B, Folk, Motown, British Invasion, DanceBeat, Pop, Big Band, Swing, Blues, Standards, Latin, New Age and more.

[Get prices.  Make a secure deposit payment using your PayPal® account.  View sample music lists that have been "field-tested" by Party Hits DJs.

In seconds, we can FIND and PLAY the biggest hits of TODAY, plus any combination of the best of the 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s and 1950s.  This gives us the capability to keep audiences with a broad age range happy.  (Yes, even some 1940s era SWING and Big Band, or novelty music—if that's what you want.)

And about those songs we all "like to hate"... recordings like "Y.M.C.A.", "Celebration", "Macarena", "Friends In Low Places", "Chatahoochee", "The Hokey Pokey", and even "The Chicken Dance"... YES, we will bring them to the party, just in case you want us to play the stuff KNOWN to get the crowd dancing!  (Of course, if you do not want these things played, you can put them on your customized DO NOT PLAY list.)

In Summary — When you add it up—experienced DJs, comprehensive music selection, portable light options, great sound equipment and COMPETITIVE RATES (with contract-assured delivery)—Party Hits is the smart choice for your next important music and sound event.   We'll do our best to work with your budget.  For more information call 630-487-0934 now, OR send an e-mail message to

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Which Party Hits package is best for your event—considering size of room and number of guests?  Please consult with your sales agent: 630-487-0934 or email to:

Ready to make a secure deposit payment or final payment?  Click here.  See basic package rates.  See special pricing for UPGRADED packages.

Ready to make a secure deposit payment?  Click here.

Polices for DJ Services



All payment in U.S. dollars and Illinois sales tax must be collected (9.25%).



Deposit required to confirm and hold all event dates (deposit is non-refundable but credit assignment is possible under certain conditions).



Rates subject to change without notice (confirmed contracts with set rates will not change after deposit payment).



Quoted rates include cost of one equipment delivery, one set-up and one strike (removal)—there is a charge for additional set-ups.



Event contract will be issued.



**Restricted service areas and blackout dates may apply.



Rates may be higher during peak season.



An additional trip charge may apply (for destinations beyond 25 miles of Darien, IL).  



Parking fees additional.



Access time required for set-up and equipment removal varies by package.  See package code descriptions for an estimate.  Most packages can be removed from the site within 45 to 90 minutes.



Which package best matches your requirements?   Ask you sales agent for advice.

Every event is different, but generally, it would be unusual for 50% of the people at a wedding reception to be dancing at the same time.  However, at a class reunion party, you might expect from 25% to 40% of the guests to take to the dance floor for certain "oldie" songs!

Results will vary depending on many factors including size of room, acoustics and guest participation.  If your group plans to deluge the dance floor and live there, you may want to round up to the next highest guest estimate.

NOTE: For PA (public address) applications, especially outside venues or large ballrooms, you are wise to round up to the next package size—you will want an extra pair of speakers.



The client (i.e., customer) is required to supply A/C (standard 120 volt electricity).  Outdoor events may require extra speaker / amp set-ups or power generators at additional charge.  Client is responsible for providing security and adequate crowd control.



Basement or upper level LOCATIONS without access to convenient service elevators may require an additional charge.



Party Hits DJ Services is not affiliated with any other mobile music business.


For more info, CALL 630-487-0934 or send an e-mail message to

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