What is the Media Player Mixer Express ?

The Media Player Mixer Express™ (MPMe) is a "virtual smart mixer" that blends superior search and play performance with live-assist automation and an innovative interface. The MPMe provides bold visual cues to DJs and sound producers as they control music and effects through SIX simultaneously available MP3, WAV or WMA capable audio players—side-by-side, on one easy-to-read screen Read about key benefits here.

What can you do with the MPMe?  Load music or EFX (effects) into any or all of the SIX players; fade any player manually, or allow its workflow automation to handle fades automatically; apply one-click filters to instantly show tracks that match selected attribute categories such as all tracks that share the same ARTIST or the same MUSIC TYPE or the same DECADE value or the same TEMPO, etc.; choose the play back order you desire or follow the optical FlowCue™ indicators that clearly guide the logical sequence of events as you work through a music set; and much more!

While the Media Player Mixer Express™ is perfect for mobile DJ systems, there are plenty of other applications—from sporting events, to fashion shows, to theatrical presentations—that can quickly boost their productivity with the MPMe, and its long list of innovative performance benefits.

he MPMe (available exclusively from Codentity*) gives users the power to FIND, LOAD and PLAY their hit-music tracks in less than 1 second—on computers with a compatible operating system and recommended configurations.



Integrated music catalog, superior search, and SIX players managed by a virtual smart mixer


Bonus Alert:  Beta versions released in Late 2012 or later will add three effects players... offering simultaneous access to SIX digital audio players.

Next beta release planned availability:  Late 2012.  The MPMe is a "lite" feature set version of Music MegaBase® DJ (MMB DJ).  The MPMe requires recommended hardware, compatible versions of Windows® XP or Windows® 2000, and Microsoft® Access™ (includes FREE runtime Microsoft® Access XP).

Discover the key benefits of the Media Player Mixer Express.  View MPMe screen shots, check out images that demonstrate the multiple player workflow sequence and visual cues.  Read more about SmartFocus™ technology.  Check out MPMe hardware and software requirements and get tips on compatible operating systems.  Return to MPMe Fast Facts page.

Why Fast Clear Smart™ ?

Codentity software, like our Media Player Mixer Express™ (MPMe) product, has been designed to be fast, clear and smart as a core strategy.  This implementation philosophy represents our method of creating a superior user experience.

The MPMe is FAST because, when compared with other digital DJ products, MPMe users can search, load and play tracks with blazing speed and consistency.

The MPMe is CLEAR because its LARGE typeface, bold color cues, and context-sensitive event status messages make it easy-to-read and understand—even on small monitors or in bright sunlight.

The MPMe is SMART because its workflow automation (known as SmartFocus technology)  prevents track overwrites, sets track levels, performs auto fades, modifies screen behaviors based on player content, determines the logical sequence of playback execution, and actually guides the DJ through a music set with a series of visual cues.

Simply stated, the MPMe allows mobile DJs and professional audio producers to be highly productive in all sorts of applications:  they can work faster with an intuitive search system; they can easily read and understand screen cues and player status messages; and they can let the software assist with player execution sequencing, automatic fades and level optimization.  How does your current digital DJ software compare with the powerful audio management features in the Media Player Mixer Express™ ?  Read about workflow automation here.  Discover the key benefits of the MPMe.

What is Music MegaBase® DJ ?

Music MegaBase® DJ (MMB DJ) is your instant passport to all that is wonderful, inspirational, compelling and not-so-obvious about American pop music.  This is the database for avid music collectors, visionary movie and commercial producers, talented trivia buffs, theme-driven wedding planners and plugged-in party DJs.

You'll find more than 4,000 top hits cross-indexed by title, artist, tempo, decade, style, lead vocal gender, chart position and more.  It ships with more than 100 pre-built hit music lists and provides interactive query capability so the user can put together music list requests instantly.  Empower your creative impulses... with a little help from Music MegaBase® DJ. 

MMB DJ includes an extremely intuitive search system linked to its native catalog and handy Broadcast Player (BCP) toolset.  It also provides tools for documenting hit-music preferences.

Music MegaBase® DJ (and Music MegaBase® standard) provide expanded query search, results filtering, and results-sharing tools.  With Music MegaBase®, you can customize your hit music search.  Users can specify simple or sophisticated query parameters like Music Type, Decade, Tempo, Artist and DJ Dance Rating.  The software can be used to identify, locate, label, print and save YOUR personal preferences from a catalog of America's best-known pop music titles.  Like the trusted GPS navigation system found in your car, Music MegaBase® works on your computer to reveal the Roadmap To Your Personal Soundtrack®.

NOTE: The cross-indexed catalog content in MMB DJ is a database listing of hit-music and related information.  It does not include digital music files, or licenses for digital music files.  Next beta release planned availability:  3rd quarter 2008 (may be subject to restrictions*).

* IMPORTANT: Use of Codentity beta version software may require  enrollment and participation in the Codentity Beta Tester Program (BTP), which can be subject to restrictions.  Beta software versions and release schedules are subject to change without notice.  Offers to license Codentity software must originate from Codentity LLC, an Illinois company (headquartered in the U.S.A.).  All other offers are explicitly NOT authorized by Codentity LLC, and such offers may constitute fraud.   Learn more about Codentity LLC here.

Check out MPMe hardware and software requirements and get tips on compatible operating systems.  Learn more about Codentity SmartFocus™ or MusicPrint® technology. Return to MPMe Fast Facts page.

Remember, whether using the Media Player Mixer Express™, or using the Media Player Mixer™ toolset in Music MegaBase® DJ, live audio producers and mobile DJs will discover that  Virtual Mixer Automation Controls Six Integrated Audio Players   ... and this design delivers SEARCH and PLAY power that is fast, clear and smart and flexible!

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