Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) software                 February 6, 2013

READ FIRST            W7XP_Ctest_ART_DLXP  For 32-bit and 64-bit  Windows®  systems

 IMPORTANT:     This documentation presents a brief “quick start” guide for users who will DOWNLOAD, install and initiate (i.e., set-up) the Music MegaBase® Catalog (MMBC) TRIAL software on their Windows® XP or Windows® 7 computer.

When you are ready to read this documentation, please send a request for a direct link to the Windows® XP documentation folder. Send message to

Get detailed step-by-step instruction in the README documentation. Go to MMBC FAQ page. Request FREE download. Visit the Codentity® Web Store. Jump to HOME page. Return to the TOP of this page.

  Codentity strongly recommends that first time users open the README file and follow its instructions before and during download, installation and set-up.