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Consult table for preliminary information about Codentity servicesThe True Blend™ Media Player System is available for purchase NOW on optical media disc or by digital download.  True Blend™ automated mixing software can also be acquired as a FREE TRIAL here.  See all Codentity software titles here  Codentity accepts PayPal®.


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True Blend Media Player System (MPS)
Extended Support Package


The True Blend MPS product includes 7 levels of built-in program HELP, plus extensive Web documentation resources.  However, qualified individuals who desire supplementary assistance with installation, hardware integration, catalog modification, multi-PC collaboration, or scenario-specific troubleshooting may purchase telephone and e-mail support for an additional charge.


True Blend™ Media Player System (MPS)
Expedited Support Package


Fast response (within 24 business hours) support for True Blend MPS users with a requirement for more elaborate support including assistance with installation, hardware integration, catalog modification, multi-PC collaboration, or scenario-specific troubleshooting.  Purchase expedited telephone and e-mail support for an additional charge.  (Restrictions may apply.)




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Developer / Distributor Security Consultation
Smart Practices Overview



Improve your Microsoft® Access™ and Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications security model by implementing an integrated system of role-based identity tracking and violation countermeasures that significantly enhances standard security options.  This service provides an overview of best practices and guides developers by giving them a check list and basic "how to" for tasks like: Creation of role-based identities which are operating system-independent, Code obfuscation strategies, Introduction of metered waypoints, and the Implementation of countermeasures that can limit the ability of unauthorized users to install, deploy, operate, or exploit your code.


Developer / Distributor Security Consultation
Scenario Scripting Documentation



Developers who wish to build and distribute program code using Microsoft® Access™ and Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) programming environments can improve their security model by purchasing the Scenario Scripting Documentation (SSD) that adds to your ability to protect your code.  The SSD is created on demand for your situation and includes information on where to place countermeasures, when to trigger them, and actual VB Script examples to get you started.  For a fee, you can also receive development services from Codentity that will help you code and test your security strategy.


Presentation Development and Consultation


Designing and implementing a compelling sales and marketing presentation is a time-consuming and labor intensive job.  It requires technical skills and a creative flare.  Codentity offers design, development and consultation services for your  presentations.  We can create and deliver (or help you create and produce) your media presentation in the following applications and formats: Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Adobe® Captivate®.  Additonally, Codentity can use Adobe Creative Suite products like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop to produce, enhance, render, and distribute your professional videos or motion graphics effects.  We can also develop, consult, or post-produce moving video for Apple® QuickTime® (MOV), Microsoft® Windows Media® (WMV) and Microsoft® AVI, or universal DVD formats.


Web Site Development and Consultation


Small businesses and one-man operations may not have time to develop an effective Web site.  And the templates that are included as free add-ons with some online service providers may help you get started, but they can't really deliver a truly unique solution customized for your business.  Codentity offers moderately-priced development and consultation services for individuals in search of a quick fix to their Web presence problems.  Our services include marketing strategies, technical writing, graphics creation, audio-visual production (for co-branded media), keyword seeding, SEO, and site design, implementation and maintenance.


Codentity Services Codentity Services Codentity Se


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